“Heaven has given us humans three things to balance the many travails of life: hope, sleep and laughter.” Immanuel Kant

    Healthy sleep is becoming more and more important these days – and harder and harder to come by. A good night’s rest will soon be considered as essential to healthy living as a healthy diet. 90 percent of all processes vital for physical, emotional, and mental healing -such as regeneration, repair, balance, and strengthening the body system – take place while we are sleeping. This means that anyone who wants to live a healthy life should, first and foremost, boost their sleeping experience. Optimal sleep follows naturally if you

    1. establish and practice sleep-promoting and sleep-friendly routines and activities (exposure to sunlight, exercise in fresh air, a balanced diet, breaks and relaxation, effective stress management, etc..)

    2. use natural, anatomical, orthopedic, climate control bedding that best suits your body (holistic sleeping system)

    3. create an interference-free (no electronic smog), neutralized, and harmonic sleeping environment ( a personal sleeping island )

    4. prepare for sleep both physically and emotionally

    5. maintain sleeping rituals for endogenous reversal of stimuli ( from the outside to the inside ) through relaxation and meditation techniques that help prepare you mentally and emotionally for sleep and attune you to sleep.

    When you know the best way to handle sleep, you walk on the sunny side of life.

    Source: Healing Hotels of the world

    Author: Dr. med. h. c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, sleep psychologist and founder of the SAMINA Schlafkomfort, author of the books “Sleep your way to health” and “Sleep your way to Youthfulness, Fitness and Success”

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