For some, yoga is Indian fitness; for others, it’s an adventuresome journey to oneself. Regardless of how you look at it, yoga is a gift to yourself. The Indian practice, steeped in tradition, helps us overcome challenges in an increasingly complex world, master and enjoy life.

    The desire for relationships and closeness, and the quest for joy, are the engines that drive us all. When practicing yoga, we train not only our bodies but also our system of emotions, energy, spirit, and essence. One of the main effects and goal of yoga is to continuously restore and maintain the sensitive balance within us.

    We encounter many obstacles, some unpleasantness, wonderful surprises, great challenges, and fascinating moments on the way to our inner selves. Practicing yoga means having the courage to direct your gaze inward, to recognize ourselves, and, above all, to feel. Practice is a life-long romance with ourselves, including moments of darkness and of light.

    Whatever we experience in the microcosmos of the yoga mat is mirrored in the macrocosmos. The way we think, feel, and breathe in a body pose is how we tick along out there in life, on the big yoga mat – the earth.

    author: Sonia Bach, yoga teacher and owner of the yogaloft in Cologne, Germany

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