The snow and the cold temperatures are here and thus it’s time to get your clothes on and defy the gray weather with cheerful colours.

    At the LOLA | FRED store you find colorful hoodies, warm sweaters and longsleeved shirts. At a purchase of CHF 200 we give you a free yoga class in our store/ studio. So not only your soul gets warmed up, but also your muscles and your body gets the power to get through the day!

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      I really like this website because it gave me a lot of ideas.I agree that he snow and the cold temperatures are here and thus it’s time to get your clothes on and defy the gray weather with cheerful colours.Thank you for doing this.

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      Winter ain't coming Winter is here, I can feel chill in my entire body, never liked winter as you only have to sit at home no where to go it literally sucks, I'm more kind of summer lover, going to beach, partying and playing and doing some outdoor activities is the way I roll, winter ain't my kind.

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      This is a good place to grab lot of ideas on shopping. It is a great offer on any purchase of chf 200, you will get a free yoga class.

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      Well I'm looking for some reasonable clothes to buy for winter, as I'm going to Alaska for 3 months, I heard its pretty cold region, hope things there go pretty well as I grab fever quit quickly.

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