Spring-loving meditation pillows from LolaFred


    The sun tickles you this week especially and asks you to come out into the light.

    You finally spend more time surrounded by fresh air. Meeting friends.

    Go for a long walk, exploring the fresh delicate green of mother nature.

    Everything seems to be awakening - your thoughts also transform by the affect of the warm rays of the sun.

    Also, one or the other spring-cleaning might be waiting for you - both inside and outside.

    And after all the work is done, it's time to rest and let yourself sink into a comfortable place and let your thoughts fly away.


    For these moments LolaFred has a fresh spring selection of meditation cushions for you to find at out shop Europaallee.

    Also, there are lots of new shirts and pants waiting to be discovered.

    Let yourself get inspiried - we are looking forward to see you!


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