The brand LOLA | FRED stands for cosmopolitan and environmentally conscious people who like to move and relax. It represents a modern interpretation of yin and yang, both the male and the female side.

We, at Lola I Fred, believe clothing should feel like a second skin. They should be free of chemicals and environmental pollution, and each piece should be made by people who work under fair conditions. So we have set our highest goal for design and produce clothing made of sustainable fabrics such as Modal (a cellulose fiber made of beech wood), organic cotton, bamboo , lyocell (a cellulose fiber obtained from fast growing trees) and fabrics made of recycled PET bottles.


The fabrics are produced in a small factory in Portugal under strict guidelines. They are locally woven and processed, and all the processes of production take place in one place. We do visit our production several times a year because we want to know the people who make our clothes. And we can say that they do so with pride and joy.

LOLA | FRED is also a yoga studio, situated in the heart of Zurich, offering a wide range of yoga classes by teachers with several years of experience.


At the LOLA | FRED flagship store, that is nearby the Zurich Main Station, we combine these two elements into a harmonious whole. The epicenter of an unique world for adventure and relaxation, on its own. The combination of a sales business for the fashion label and a yoga and meditation studio this store is given a multifunctional role. These two elements harmonize smoothly with each other, by an architecturally unique concept, which uses an innovative technique of all dimensions.


Welcome to the world of LOLA | FRED.