Our instructors practice and teach yoga since many years. They are highly qualified and impart their solid knowledge and experience during the different yoga classes. Combined with the architectonic unique and urban atmosphere of LOLA | FREDs yoga studio, they are providing you an exceptional experience.

Alexandra Hunziker

Alexandra Hunziker teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

  • Candlelight Yin

Traveling is Alexandra's great passion.

During a prolonged stay in New York in 1999 she first came into contact with Yoga.

Right after the birth of her second daughter she really got the bug.


She is a certified International Yoga Teacher by great teachers as Clive Radda, Stephen Thomas, Michael Hamilton und Glenn Black. In 2016 Alexandra will become a student again. During a 300h Advanced Teacher Training by Stephen Thomas. 

According to her motto:  "Happiness is your nature.

It is not wrong to desire. What is wrong is seeking outside When IT is inside ",

Alexandra  encourages her studentsto explore yoga with creativity, compassion, patience, skill and inspiration during her classes.

When Alexandra is not on the yoga mat, she loves long walks, weeding her garden or spending hours looking through vegetarian cooking books.


Alexandra teaches in german and english.

Andreas Waser

Andreas Waser teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

  • Dynamic Hatha
  • Private Yoga Class

Change is the only permanent state in Andreas life. 

He is a heartcentered free spirit who loves to spend time with people who love life as much as he does. Andreas teaches the kind of flexibility that doesn't require touching ones toes. 

Martial arts, chinese medicine and a natural instinct for movement are his background and guiding force.


Meditation and spirituality are important pillars and a big inspiration in his life.       

Andrina Tisi

Andrina Tisi teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

Andrina Tisi is a registered Yoga teacher and certified health coach. She's originally from Zurich and lives currently between Zurich and Vancouver (Canada).

In her classes Andrina is dedicated to create a save, relaxed and fun surrounding that inspires, motivates and challenges beginners as well as advanced students.


She completed her yoga teacher trainings at Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver and received training and certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.


Andrina teaches in german and english.

Anne Klimkait

Anne Klimkait teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

  • Vinyasa 
  • Vinyasa Flow

Anne grew up in Cologne and graduated from her studies in graphic design in Düsseldorf.

Since 2011 she has been working in Zurich as a self-employed designer. As a young girl she started with ballet and dancing classes and sports and dynamics have always had a deep impact on her. To Anne, yoga means ease, movement and inner peace for her life – but also: a constant development and confrontation with her body and mind. 

Yoga has been part of Anne’s life for six years. In summer 2015 she finished the Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Clive Radda, Alexa Lê, Michael Hamilton, Stephen Thomas and Glenn Black and has been teaching classes regularly. 


Anne teaches in german and english.


Anja Spycher

Anja Spycher unterrichtet bei

LOLA | FRED folgende Yoga Arten:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Private Yoga Class

Anja discovered yoga across her way of meditation, as an essential instrument to expend her daily consciousness - every day.

She is certain about yoga being the only truth in her life, how to express peace and mindfulness in movement and create a deeper balance, when there is unbalance.

Anja's classes are characterised by harmonious Flows finding their happy endings in meditation.

Her teachers are Clive Radda, Alexa Le, Stephen Thomas, Glen Black und Naichin Tang.


Anja teaches in german.


Bianca Sissing Loetscher

Anja Spycher unterrichtet bei

LOLA | FRED folgende Yoga Arten:

  • Workshops
Bianca grew up always playing some kind of sports and participating in various sports clubs.  As a complementary to all these sports she starting practising Yoga in 2004 as a way to stretch, open the muscles and joints, and calm the mind.  
In 2013, after practising yoga for 9 years and a trip to India that awakened the deep spirit of yoga within, Bianca did her RYT-200 in Los Angeles California and started teaching in Luzern.  
In 2015, she returned to India to complete her RYT-500, Yoga Alliance International.  Currently Bianca teaches a variety of classes from Vinyasa, Energy Flow, Yin, and Yoga Nidra in Luzern, Zug, and Vitznau. Bianca believes and practices that yoga is not simply a series of postures that you do with your body, but a way of living physically, mentally and emotionally, practised every day on and off the mat.
Yoga begins and ends in the mind.
Yoga is wellness for body, mind and soul. 

Raffaela Frei

Raffaela Frei teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

  • Vinysa Krama
  • Free Spirit Flow

Raffaelas got in touch with Yoga as a teenager. Since than Yoga accompanied her across different styles and intensities.

She loves to discover the diversity of impulses and stimulations and to connect to our inner essence.

Additional to her love of Yoga, Raffaela enjoys dancing, travelling and enjoy life. 

With bliss she discovers mindfulness, dedication, curiosity and so she walks through life with an open heart  .


Powerful Flow Yoga combined with breathing elements and meditation are part of her Yoga classes as well as her own practice at home. She focuses on the connection of movement ant breath, mindfulness and loving kindness.


Raffaela teaches in german and english.

David Suivez

David Suivez teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

As a Father, DJ and music producer he found his way to yoga through wing chung kung fu and hip hop. 

After practising hatha and bikram yoga for years he decided to attend an Ana Forrest inspiried Yoga Teacher Training with Cat Kabira in Ubud, Bali. 


Davids Teachers: Patricia Thielemann, Rajashree Choudhury, Stephen Thomas, Remo Rittiner, Michael Hamilton, Glenn Black, Alexa Le. 

You can expect David's classes to be a playful approach to awareness of inner alignment and outer movement. 


David is Co-Founder of YOLO YOGA and a Level 1 Cranio Sacral Pracitioner, which he integrates in his classes and allows him to assist with a subtle touch.


David teaches in german and english. 


Egon Castlunger

Egon Castlunger teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

Egon grew up in a small mountain village in the Dolomite alps in northern Italy. During his childhood he explored nature and spent a lot of time in the mountains, either on his snowboard or hiking. Due to a shoulder injury he came in contact with an australian holistic healing who brought an approach to his own inner, spiritual world.


After traveling South America, India and Nepal, Egon decided to leave the Tourist business of his family behind and get into a four year education becoming a certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist and Naturopath. At the same time Egon started to practice Yoga on a regular basis. 2009 he attend his first Hatha Yoga teacher training. Time flew by and Egon got strongly inspired by Anusara Yoga - currently focusing onto Yin Yoga and Pranayama.


His profound medical knowledge, including western anatomy and eastern meridian system, and his experience as a physiological therapist, all happened  to create his own style of teaching.

Additional in his yoga classes, Egon might integrate his passion for music from time to time and play his guitar for you.


Egon teaches in german and english. 

Goldiss Nekouei

Goldiss Nekouei teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

  • Kids Yoga
  • Hip Hop Yoga
Goldiss is a certified teacher of Hot, Yin, Power Vinyasa, Aerial and Kids Yoga. She has been an avid practitioner for over 15 years and believes her relationship with yoga is continually evolving through a combination of playful exploration and dedicated study.

Passionate about sharing the healing powers of yoga with students of all ages and levels she maintains that yoga can benefit all body types—if you can breath, you can benefit from yoga!


Her classes share her light-hearted and laid-back Californian attitude, always set to motivating music with a focus on breath, body awareness and meditative intention. The sequence and intensity of the class vary in accordance with the style being offered, as well as the students experience, energy and prowess. 


Goldiss teaches in english.

Kathrin Buetikofer

Kathrin Buetikofer teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

Kathrin's path into Yoga startet back ten years ago when she joined her first Yoga lesson. Since then Yoga has become an important part of her daily life.


Kathrin completed her teacher education in 2009 and attended several Yoga workshops, amongst others with Cindy Lee from New York and Bryan Kest and Rusty Wells from California.


Her way of teaching is dynamic and strong, the several Asanas smoothly blend into each other.


Kathrin teaches in german and english.


Lukas Landolt

Lukas Landolt teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

The sportscientist, movement therapist and wave lover found yoga during his studies and travels around the world.


The combination of physical and mental sensations yoga has on everyone of us inspires him throughout the day.


Lukas teaches non-traditional hatha yoga and likes to mix up different styles and movement patterns in his classes.

Mark Wüst

Mark Wüst teaches the following yoga styles at LOLA | FRED:

Mark started his physical work in his childhood with competitive swimming and gymnastics. In 1984 he receives the Bachelor of Arts in Dance and in 2001 the renowned Young Alumni Award.


For over a decade he has been dancing for famous ballets such as the Joffrey Ballet in New York City and the Zurich Ballet. Mark works as choreographer for countless dance, theater, opera and musical theater productions.


He practiced, read about and teaches various Yoga, Pilates and related body/mind techniques since the mid 70’s.


Mark teaches in german and english.

Nica Disler

Nica Disler unterrichtet bei

LOLA | FRED folgende Yoga Arten:

  • Yoga Sadhana 

Nica got always inspired by sports, so she tried quite a lot from judo up to triathlon or rowing.

When she finished her studies and transfered into working life, she realized that also her day just provides 24h.

Having less time for all her activities on her hands, Nica figured how precious time is and started to work-in instead of work-out.


During an extended stay in New York in 2009 she fell in love with yoga. Becoming a yogi by daily practice, Nica decided to become a certified RYT-200 Hatha Yoga teacher in 2015. Being a commited yoga fan of daily practice and their every day challenges she enjoys to support her students with valuable tips for home practice.

Her teachers are Poonam Stecher Sharma, Sanjeev Bhanot, Dechen Thurman and Vani Devi.

check out:


Nica teaches in german and english.