Awareness means being there -here and now-. At this moment our life takes place. Often our mind travels through the past or into the future. We are stuck in our memories, carry out inner dialogues that are hardly related to reality, or plan the next journey or the next day.


Often we feel stressed, overwhelmed by our own and the foreign demands. Being here and now means being mindful at the moment of ourselves and our environment. Meditation is a way. It leads to insight into the nature of reality. The meditation draws your attention to your mind and heart. The goal of all Buddhist meditations is to find out who you are and end the restless search for happiness in the outside. The lasting happiness is in you. You will learn different meditations, alternating with Lu Jong yoga and breathing exercises, learn the right sitting posture and chant mantras. If you want, you can incorporate meditation into your everyday life.

No prior knowledge is required. Loose clothing is recommended.

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